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I suggest to buy a firmware bug slot Igrosoft, Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, Mega Jack as well as integrated circuits (chips) with a bug which is done by inserting into a binary code. Bug is a bug in the program or system that produces unexpected or incorrect results in this case, a sharp increase in the percentage gain, up to several hundred percent or generated by pre-planted in a code bug win-win situation. Activation of the gaming machine bug Igrosoft begins after you've played on various combinations of lines and rates in a particular sequence. After that, the percentage of return apparatus increases, often produces more winning lines and bonuses. Deactivation is also playing in certain combinations, or by removing the loan. Combination of activation and deactivation choose at their discretion. For gaming machine Mega Jack (version 25.01, 30.25) sell two versions of firmware bugs in the first case, after the activation of large falls winning line in the second case, after activating the bug can absolutely double ( doubling win), and will always know where winning card. For gaming machine Gaminator (Novomatic), we must replace one simm flash module to the bugs, the method is based doubling on the cards - you'll know what cards will fall on risk game. Available fixes firmware for entertainment and Loto-versions programs. In all cases, production is necessary to know the version of a slot machine game.
Secrets of the most popular slot machines of different platforms, such as Igrosoft, Gaminator, Mega Jack In general, all the secrets of winning are based on access to the software system, using the patched modules and chips with the program laid down bugs. e-mail: zakaz@yourluckychip.ru
tel. +79225916814 (Russia)

Bug-firmware / chip with bug Igrosoft - 3000 / 8000 rub.
Bug-firmware/ bug-chips on Mega Jack - 10000/14000 rub.
Firmware Gaminator Novomatic with bug - 10000 rub.
Bugs simm-flash for Gaminator - 22000 rub.
All prices are here

Click on the picture and see version slot machine Gaminator or Novomatic

Let's look at two ways to hack a slot machine first to be trite , radical - approach to the crowbar , crowbar , and show that the machine man of strong metal. His will not be considered . Let us dwell on the way to crack open the machine or with a universal key for the lock slot machines Where to get it can be found here e-mail: zakaz@yourluckychip.ru or price to book page
The video shows an example of how the universal key opens the lock, note that no cracks and opens up. These locks are almost round in all slot machines on the doors and boxes with the cards , payment terminals and more. Allows access to the stuffing ( the board), packing credit, service menu , etc. Universal key is required to access the electronic board on which are placed all the chips or the stick or if you lost the key to the locks

the universal key to unlock the slot machine

Important! Especially for beginners. I would like to immediately inform you about the huge pile of pages on the Internet, with such high-sounding titles as soon as we have the secrets of gaming machines and bugs, how to crack, or ways to trick slot machine how to win free and so on. After analyzing the content of these resources and plenty of laugh, it says - 50 percent of the sites are oriented to lure customers to the online slots or casino, the second half - it's stupidly thought up the secrets of gaming machines that you offer to buy, send SMS or paid to transfer money into electronic wallets. Then you go into the game and leave the institution where the remaining money! Ask, and your site is different?
For people involved in gambling, slot machines that use the theme clearly "sick" as a third-party intervention is rarely Software makes take action. And of course they know these bugs slot machines, and rarely feel them on your wallet. To quote the words of instructions on how to program separate from gaming machines known brand in Russia and beyond - Igrosoft (Crazy Monkey, Fruit Cocktail, Resident, Lucky Hunter, Gnome, Keks, Island, Rock Climber, Garage, Pirate): "If the game club or a few players ever win more than lose, then maybe the players found the workaround, fraud protection play a slot machine. Check for new versions of firmware from the seller. If there is no change or did not lead to the issue, it is very desirable to observe the actions of the player (style of play used by the rates, lines, etc), contact the seller and give him your observations. The earlier and more complete information will receive a developer, the faster will be able to solve the problem. Usually, within 7 calendar days point localization errors (ie, 100% detection method call failed.) Cases outside interference in the firmware (firmware) with the assistance of the staff playing hall. " So, on our website you can learn more about these features in firmware - firmware bugs slot machines. Just buy them already recorded on the chip will only have to change their on-board unit.
Good luck!

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